Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to Coventry Music Scene from Hobo

Hi and Welcome - this is the home page of the Coventry Music scene archives from Hobo -the links to the various aspects of the scene can be found above in the top menu. This therefore is the directory.

The links above will lead you to Hobo Magazine sites on the different aspects of Coventry music -

I've developed a range of blogspots around different aspects of the Coventry Music scene as shown below, from the original all-one original Hobo Vox site some will remember. They are still works in progress of course...Here are the direct links with descriptions (or click in the above menu).

  • Rex Brough - Coventry Music Scene - Another early A to Z of Coventry Bands from Rex Brough, stronger on late 70's and 80's but covers all decades from the 60's to 80's. Again not update recently but still a great and useful site.

About Hobo Magazine / Workshop and Sites
Hobo was a Coventry Music Magazine and Workshop in the mid 1970's, initiated by Trev Teasdel and . We were involved in a lot of activities and developments to get things going for the music scene at a time when gigs and support was difficult to come by for all the budding musicians and bands in the city. The Hobo Workshop was started in 1974 at the Holyhead Youth Centre and later the Golden Cross. It gave first gigs to a lot of bands and musicians that later thrived or even achieved record contracts.
John Bargent (Bo)

2006 / 7 we created a website on Vox to house the Hobo archives and share them with the world. The site reconnected a lot of Coventry musicians, now spread around the world and inspired new musicians in Coventry who were amazed by all the musical history of the city. The was involved in a number of  new initiatives with the Broadgate Gnome (another earlier Coventry underground magazine) who created the Gnome Label to promote Coventry music and the Herbert Art Gallery / Museum's Coventry Music Exhibition 2009 initiated by Pete
Chambers and much more. The site grew to contain much more than just the Hobo archives through the many interactions of those who found the site.

More recently Vox closed it's sites but allowed transference of all the material to another of their blog systems - Typepad - where all the material is now housed - all be it without some of the Vox features and without all of the interactions, as people fled to Facebook to connect.

The site is now an archive of itself as well!

However the site contained material from different aspects of Coventry's musical history, from rock to folk to
disco and more. many of the posts needed updating or rewriting too. So it was decided to keep the original site as a reference and develop a series of smaller, more focused sites on Blogspot. Still works in progress, you'll find links to them in the top menu. There's links to the Coventry Folk Scene, Discos and DJ's, Venues and Gigs, Coventry Arts Umbrella Club, A to Z of Coventry bands and more. A lot of work still to do but we hope you enjoy the material.

Trev Teasdel

NEW BOOK - DIRTY STOP OUTS - Coventry music and entertainment venues in 70's
by Dr. Ruth Cherrington.

This new book has drawn on material on these Hobo sites and features Hobo magazine itself as well as numerous memories and contributions from peoplewho attended venues in Coventry or organised them or played in them. A brilliant book, well worth a read.

Dirty Stop Outs - Coventry in the 1970's is available from Waterstones and HMV in Coventry and also via Amazon UK HERE

Ruth Cherrington with the new book at Coventry Music Museum.

Dirty Stop Outs in good company on show at Coventry HMV.

Hobo Co-editor John Bo Bargent with a copy of the new book and an issue of Hobo from 1974.

Trev (on the right) and John Bo Bargent (with hat) of Hobo at the Coventry Music Museum for the launch of the new book.

One of the pages featuring Hobo magazine.